The Value of Ryde

Did you know 90% of text messages are read within the first 3 seconds?

Ryde puts the power of text messaging in your hands, helping you connect efficiently with your customers.

Shops that use Ryde regularly turn over service bays 30% faster and save hours each week that used to be spent on hold or leaving lengthy voicemails that customers never listened to.  And, customers prefer a message they can scan and quickly reply to over a phone call that interrupts their day or a voicemail they have to listen through (if they don't ignore it).

Starting this week, shops can text message customers for $29 per month for a one-year subscription or $40 per month for a monthly subscription (see details).

If you save at least 4 minutes a week, Ryde pays for itself!

If you decide you don't need Ryde to stay in touch with your customers, feel free to continue using the Ryde Network to message the shops and suppliers you work with.  And we mean FREE! The Ryde Network will always be free, so be sure to invite all your "first click" suppliers or wholesale shops to use Ryde at no charge.