Notifications, Payments, AAA Surveys, Copy Vehicle (10/25/2016)

Hey everyone! We have four important new features that should make Ryde even more useful for you and your shop.


When a message comes in and you're not watching, how do you know it's there? Now, Ryde sounds an alert and pops a window to let you know when a new message arrives. The alert and pop-up should only appear when you're not looking at the particular conversation, if you're on a different tab in your browser, or if your browser is covered up by another window.


Ryde makes it simple to collect payments remotely from your customers or to pay or collect from shops and suppliers you work with. When set-up, you just tap the "$" to the right of the message box, enter the order number and amount, and Ryde takes care of the rest. Ryde gets approval to pay from the customer, collects the credit card data securely and checks for fraud, and processes the payment. You get paid within 48 hours. Ryde charges a flat fee for the service (see Pricing).

AAA Survey

For shops to remain certified, AAA requires feedback from customers about their experience. Ryde makes collecting this feedback easy with the "AAA Survey" button.  From the customer profile, just tap the button, and Ryde sends a link to your official AAA survey to the customer. Truly an easy button!

Copy Vehicle

When your messaging your supplier or dealer about a particular part, it's best if you can just send the year, make, model, and VIN.  Ryde adds another easy button with "Copy Vehicle Info to Clipboard" (see above).

Let's imagine you're fixing my car. I need a new water pump and you want to get a price from your supplier. While you're messaging me, tap the "Copy Vehicle Info" button. Then tap on the Ryde Network and the name of your supplier and message them about the parts you need followed by "ctrl-v paste" to enter the vehicle info.  I imagine something like "Can you give me a price on a waterpump, thermostat and belts for 2001 BMW 325cic WBABS33451JY5561?"

Enjoy the new features and be sure to tell me what you think! You can always reach me through the Ryde Network. Just tap on Support.