Ryde Network, New Features, New iOS App! (10/11/2016)

Hey everyone!

New update this week so be sure to refresh your web browser to version 1.8.1. You can tell what version you're using by tapping on the menu under your shop name in the upper right.

New features include bug fixes for the Ryde Network, new flat fee pricing for transactions, and now shops can share customers.

Before this release, a customer phone number could only be used with one shop. As we grow here in the SF Bay Area, increasingly we're seeing customers that use different shops for different cars or are showing up for a tow service and a repair. Now, even though a customer is already in Ryde, other shops can invite that customer with their phone number.  

Note - this only works in the web app today. The mobile apps will still not allow you to invite customers that another shop has invited. Just go to the web app and invite them there first. Once you invite them in the web app, you can have conversations with them with the mobile app.

Speaking of mobile, we updated the iOS app (v1.5). The new version is faster, compatible with the new iOS 10 and fixes crashes that occurred randomly when taking photos. If you use an iPhone or iPad, be sure to go to the AppStore and update!