Ryde On and Prosper. It's easy to find customers in Ryde.

Step up to your slick new Ryde!

You can now start conversations by searching for the name of your customer in the updated version of Ryde coming later this week.

And that's just the start. Ryde is faster, more stable, and scalable.

Read here about the new features and what's coming soon ...

Customer Lookup.png

What's New for You

  • Search your customers by their first name, last name, or phone number to start conversations with them.
  • It’s much easier to sign-in by just using your business phone number and first name. No more email address needed.
  • Each person in your shop gets their own account and simple login. No need to share accounts anymore.
  • When multiple people are in a conversation you see who said what.
  • Take multiple photos in the iPhone or iPad app and select which ones to send or send all at once.
  • Zoom-in, share photos, or send to your printer right from your iPhone or iPad app.
  • Easily pick out the past conversations that are most relevant to you.

What's Coming Soon

  • Send estimates for approval directly from your shop management system.
  • Easily accept multiple forms of secure mobile payments from customers.
  • A much improved and robust Ryde Network of vendors and suppliers will give you easy access to your important business partners.
  • For now, Ryde mobile is for iPhone only... Android update is on the way.

Made Easy

It's way better now.  To login, go to www.Ryde.ai  Enter your shop’s business phone number and your first name.  The default password is: ryde

Business Login.png

It's that easy.   

Screen Shot 2017-02-10 at 12.16.41 PM.png

Once you're in, be sure to change your password in the Shop Profile panel. It's located in the upper right hand corner with a drop down arrow menu.

Use the Employee option that is under My Profile to set-up additional users ... simply add their first name.

Add Employee .png


Questions or feedback?  Email: support@ryde.ai or call (650) 409-2352