1. Get Started for FREE

Request an invite then download the Ryde.ai app

       Tell us about your shop

          Pick a text number
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Your text number is unique for your shop and separate from your mobile phone number.

2. Add Customers

Add customer name and a mobile number

Ryde invites your customer

Your customer gets your invite message

And the conversation starts!

3. Text Your Customers

  • Let customers know they can reach you when they need to
  • Show customers what you see while fixing their vehicle
  • Give updates on repairs
  • Share estimates and get approvals
  • Request payments and get paid
  • Check-in after service and get feedback
  • Stay in touch and let customers know you’re there for them.

Consistent with my previous visits, this was a pleasant experience from start to finish. This time they had set up a text app that notified me when my car was ready (and would’ve informed me if any troubles arose amidst maintenance).Super – made the whole experience even more convenient!
— Review by Bernadette D. - customer of Pat's Garage, San Francisco